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"Be the Change & Dream to Honor Gandhi & King!"

The Global Peace Academy (GPA)

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"The Global Peace Academy (GPA) is uniting peacebuilders worldwide

to elevate and educate our Global Family; ONE Tribe."

Did You Know?

The University of Georgia is the USA's first state-chartered university, and the Global Peace Academy (GPA) may become the first-ever global university or global academy chartered by a singular individual.  Stay tuned for news about this amazing & courageous attorney we have discovered.  They are an inspiring new-era Gandhi, Esq.

IDEAS?  Join our developing international team to shape the future of this institute of higher learning, being and doing.


~  John R. Naugle

Founder for GPA & ATLANTA: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) "WE HAVE A DREAM!"

Seeking and welcoming key official co-founders for the Global Peace Academy (GPA)

"Be the Change & Dream so we can celebrate Gandhi & King."


VISION: The Global Peace Academy (GPA), first envisioned in 2006, is an immense service DREAM born in the birthplace of Dr. King and it propels ATLANTA: City of Peace towards its true destiny of becoming transformed and formalized into a GLOBAL Capital of Peace.  Many know that Dr. King is the most globally-referenced Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the most globally-productive peace movement protégé of Mahatma Gandhi, Esq who is celebrated by many millions worldwide as Father of INDIA: The World's Biggest Democracy and also "Man of the Millennium" (Years 1000-2000). The GPA will unite many to celebrate their inspiring examples and peace lessons.

LOCATION:  Before the bricks-and-mortar institution is even developed, the Global Peace Academy (GPA) will essentially become a gigantic peace university that is virtual -- through the Internet and via this special domain; now in development. The Library of Peace (est 2013) will become an integral part of GPA and we have the option to buy a HUGE 10,000-volume Peace Library of books AS SOON AS WE SECURE FUNDING. IDEAS? LEADS?  This may become GPA's cornerstone founding collection as soon as we engage a philanthropist to facilitate the fair purchase, site development, and transition/shipment.

GREAT NEWS: We have identified the IDEAL piece of property for the future location of the Global Peace Academy.  Stay tuned for more details.  The Global Peace Academy is developing in what is fast becoming known as: "The Global Peace Cultivation District" which is a term coined by ATLANTA: City of Peace.  This city has envisioned, and many pre-existing peace entities and assets (like the GANDHI Center, the KING Center, the CARTER Center, the TURNER Foundation, CDC, CARE International, and ATL: The World's Busiest Airport) which provide our immense service DREAM with a peace-ecosystem from which to cultivate a brighter REALITY for all; local-global. Several years ago, we sent all of them proposals to align with us, but we need help with "closing" and creating collaboration agreements.