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Global Peace Academy (GPA)
PO Box 724325
Atlanta: City of Peace
Georgia: The Peace State
The Global Peace Academy

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Establishing: The Global Peace Academy (Atlanta) will honor Dr. Martin Luther King's birthplace and build 'The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection.' This major peace project is one of 7 being created by Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP). We invite and welcome YOU to participate with us as an Official Co-Founder (regardless of where on Earth you live).

Planning and building an entire institution of higher learning can be a daunting task for some... especially if they are not willing to 'Be the Change and Live the Dream' like Gandhi and Dr. King. However consider the amazing story of Olin College in Needham, Massachusetts. Their dream was hatched in 1998 and in 2002 they opened their doors thanks to ONE funding grant; a $460 MILLION grant from the F.W. Olin Foundation!

Atlanta is well-positioned to be HOME to the (future) Global Peace Academy. The Press Conference announcing The Global Peace Academy (GPA) was September 11th held in observance of the anniversary birth-date of the establishment of the contemporary peace movement, or also known as Gandhi's first ever peace-action (which was 09/11/1906).

NOTE: We have invited His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to be Honorary Chair of the Global Peace Academy (GPA) Planning Committee (his decision is pending). We have also invited Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and Mr. Ron Clark to be Co-Chairs of this historic committee (their decisions are pending). Mr. Clark is an award-winning teacher whose methods and programs are established in schools around the world. In 2000 he was named Disney's American Teacher of the Year and he's been invited to the White House on three separate occasions to be honored by the President. Dr. Rosenberg is an internationally respected teacher in the field of non-violent communications. He founded the nonprofit training and peacemaking organization called: The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).

GREAT NEWS: We have identified the IDEAL piece of property for the future location of both The Global Peace Academy. Stay tuned for more details. The Global Peace Academy needs to be developed in what is fast-becoming known as: The Global Peace Cultivation District!

WE believe that millions and hundreds of millions of people worldwide already look at Atlanta as a city of peace because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born there and is one of Earth's most respected and accomplished Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Dr. King is also the most globally productive peace movement protege of Gandhi: Man of the Millennium (Years 1000-2000).

Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) will formalize Atlanta as a global capital and beacon of peace. Assist us, please. Aside from the Global Peace Academy (GPA) peacemakers from around the Earth are also invited to help with our plans to develop many smaller peace projects, plus its other major peace projects: The Global Peace Concert, The Global Peace Flight, The Global Peace Garden, The Global Peace Museum, The Global Peace Tower and The Global Peace Walk.

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